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Subject: cookies in sites requiring password
Author: Jean
Date: 02/06/2005 00:17
I am trying to download a newspaper site which has a once 
off login page using cookies. I note in the FAQ it says 
that I have to put the relevant cookie from the IE 
temporary internet folder "into your project folder (or 
even the HTTrack folder)"

Is the HTTrack folder the one in which I installed HTTrack 
and I take it the project folder is the root folder named 
after my project in the My web pages directory.

I have tried putting the cookie in both places without 

The first page downloads but the next ones redirect to the 
authentication website which I guess is not allowing 
access. I have added the authentication website in the 
included list of the filters. Yet things still do not 
work. The error log does have a lot of messages 
about "this page has moved to" the authentication website.

Any help appreciated.

Will try latest version and see if any better.


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