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Subject: Exporting to an exact copy
Author: Geoff Staples / RadioLeft
Date: 02/11/2005 17:35
I don't see any way to export the site into standard html 
pages, preserving the original extension (htm, html, shtml, 
php, etc.) so that I can then work on the site and then 
republish it to a new location.

As a web host, I need a tool like httrack to "suck down" 
new customer websites from their old provider.

I do know it would be much easier with ftp access, etc. 
But, surprisingly, many people have none of the information 

This means that once I download the site, I need to export 
it into a set of standard html pages with correct relative 
links, etc.

I know that I am NOT going to get things like php scripts. 
But, I can review the downloaded pages and determine what 
scripts I may be missing. (I'm not talking about a CMS or 
anything like that: Just the typical static website that 
uses an occasional php, perl, or javascript to process a 
form or deliver a simple service to an individual page.)

And, in deference, to the "This software is criminal" 
comment elswhere on this forum: I am quite careful to not 
violate anyone's rights, including not using this approach 
to bypass an outstanding bill at another webhost.


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02/11/2005 17:35
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