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Subject: installing v3.33
Author: ross
Date: 02/15/2005 10:11
I chose to download the 'no installer' version of 3.33 for 
Windows.  As per the install instructions, I unpacked the 
zip file into a new directory and ran WinHTTrack.exe. 
Nothing could be simpler. I don't believe there was 
anything I could do wrong.  There were no error messages 
during the unpacking.

On running WinHTTrack, it says it can't find the lang.def 
file.  However that file is definitely present in the same 
directory, which is also the active directory.  Lang.def 
can be opened, viewed and modified in Notepad.

Looks like there is some problem with this distribution. My 
system is Wintel with WinXP SP2.  Anyone else had problems?

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02/15/2005 10:11
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