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Subject: Bug Found.
Author: Mariano
Date: 02/18/2005 02:20
Well.. this bug i´d found some mouth (year?) ago.. but i 
think that other will find it to... but no :( (sorry for my 
porr english).

The bug: When you select tyo limit the download speed to 
any speed (like 5000 Bytes.. or others speed) it work ok.. 
it limit to this speed.. but when the site is downloading.. 
if i decide to "cut the limit" going to the option again 
and in speed limit put "none" (really there isn´t "none", 
but a "blank" space) the program continua limiting to the 
speed selected  before..

i need to put an higher speed (like 50000000 bytes) to 
aboid the limit :)

otherwise, the program is great! really really great...


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02/18/2005 02:20
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