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Subject: Specific site w/problem..dr.xavier..need your help
Author: mzk
Date: 02/22/2005 11:45
First off..let me say I've just discovered winhttrack (XP
version) and it is a great program..very straight forward
and easy to implement.

However I'm currently having a 2 part problem..I am a member
of a site which uses a simple login
and upon entering has a navigation toolbar on the left with
text on the right and is basically an html setup of a HUGE
(1000pg+ textbook of medicine that I received access to

I am interested in d/l a hardcopy of the site so I may
access it when im not on the net and upon using all filters
and feeding through all the forum topics I still can't seem
to work it.  I basically got to a point where i had over
430K links and some 400mb d/l.  At this point I fig it may
be looping upon itself (as mentioned in a thread) and tried
to cut those specific sites which made it worse. 

I figure the basic problem is the nav toolbar on the left or
the index which would obviously link to every single word. 
As i said before, the first time cutting it off at 400 mb I
had the first two levels of every chapter (ie a few pgs in
each chapter) but no links to jpgs or otherwise worked. Each
ch has ~50 pgs so maybe I should continue d/l?   If you need
more info please do let me know but basically I cannot
figure out what i'm doing wrong..I've tried proxy (which
couldn't even log it in --both methods) so it works better
w/o it (as long as i'm logged into the site)... put in
filters to prevent looping..set it to million links..set
depth levels to 5 or there anything i'm missing? 
(Sorry bout the long explanation..please do help though!)

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Specific site w/problem..dr.xavier..need your help

02/22/2005 11:45


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