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Subject: Re: WHTT captures front page only
Author: Christopher Celli
Date: 02/22/2005 18:57
HTTrack is by far the most effective and intuitive offline
browser I've used. You should have no problem capturing
entire websites. I'm using version 3.32-2 for Windows; and
as long as there are no limits set in the Limits tab of Set
Options it will save the entire site. It shouldn't even
matter what page of the site you enter as the URL (although
if you want the saved site to start at the home page that's
the URL that should be entered ('.../index/' or the page
with the shortest URL). The Scan Rules may need to be
modified for some sites. Check the HTTrack log of site
download that didn't save completely and see if there is
some robot or rule preventing the site from saving
completely; and then correct for it in Scan Rules (the
HTTrack documentation is pretty clear; you can get specifics
by reading it).
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