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Subject: packaging HTTRACK inside a webapp
Author: dtacheron
Date: 02/22/2005 19:55

We have developped a web application (j2ee war file) with
front office (give access to content) and back office
(content management system) functionalities.

We use HTTRACK for a back office offline site generation
functionnality (create a zip file for download in front office)

I'd like to now if it is possible to integrate HTTRACK
(binary file + two dynamic libraries) inside my war file
instead of install HTTRACK on my unix system (we need
automatic installation)

i'd like to have something like :
WEB-INF/htttrack/ with 3 files (compiled for the platform) :
httrack binary

so my servlet will just start a new thread and this thread
will invoke WEB-INF/htttrack/httrack binary
(Runtime.getRuntime().exec() and so on), zip result and put
the file where the front office users can download it 

Is it possible ?Does HTTRACK need environment variables to be setted or
other things...

thank you very much


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