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Subject: Manual interaction with HTTrack
Author: cliff
Date: 02/23/2005 14:20
I am trying to download a site which has username and 
password authentication but also has a verification 
process of ‘type in the code you see in the graphic’ too.  
This requires me manually type in a random code which 
seems to result in a cookie identifying the validity my 
session id in my current connection.  I cant seem to 
simulate this with HTTrack because of the interaction I 
need with the entry system.  I have coped with password 
logins in the past ok, but this time I need manual 
interaction to implement the submission of the random had 
typed code.  This must all take place in the same session 
in order that the cookie is valid.  
Is there any way to pause at a given point and allow 
manual interaction while in the HTTrack session?

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