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Subject: Recovering from system hangs
Author: RJ Emery
Date: 03/04/2005 15:24
I am using version 3.23 (+swf) on my W98 system.  Over a
slow dial-up connection, I am in the process of copying a
website whose overall size is much larger than I
anticipated.  For reasons probably more W98 related than
HTTrack related, my system hangs if it operates more than 12
hours without a reboot.

On the last system hang, a lot of files that HTTrack had
copied were still open and presumably lost when the system
was brought down.  I know this because I ran Norton Disk
Doctor to correct any file system problems, and the
resulting list of affected files was quite long.

Upon resumption of the HTTrack program with Action
"*Continue interrupted download", I wish to know:

1) if those affected files were reacquired, and 
2) if previous accesses that resulted in an error were also
3) If not, how do I cause HTTrack to recheck and reacquire
what has been lost or compromised on my hard drive?
(I do plan to upgrade to the most current version of HTTrack
as soon as this one project is completed.)


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03/04/2005 15:24
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