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Subject: Three Basic Questions
Author: RJ Emery
Date: 03/04/2005 18:07
I am using version 3.23 (+swf) on my W98 system.  I do plan
to upgrade to the most current version of HTTrack as soon as
a current project is completed.  I am relatively new to
HTTrack, and I have these questions:

1) At some future point, when I wish to run HTTrack with
Action "Update existing download", how do I cause HTTrack
*NOT* to delete previously acquired (image) files but only
to add to the existing (image) files already acquired if
changes or updates to the site occurred?
2) In another case, I am only interested in image files over
a certain size (fullsize, no thumbnails).  Is it possible to
program HTTrack to acquire such files and ignore all else as
it spiders through the site?
3) In another instance, I am only interested in image files
which have a certain keyword somewhere in the pathname (not
in the filename).  Is it possible to program HTTrack to
acquire only image files that meet that condition?
What I am attempting to replicate are horticultural sites,
and the images are of trees, plants, shrubs, flowers, etc.,
not too far different from the example used in the
documentation.  The URL heirarchy of these image databases
often follow taxonomic categories, which is why keyword
selection in the pathname would be useful.

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03/04/2005 18:07
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