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Subject: Re: Interpretation of Information Pane
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 03/05/2005 17:59
> Could someone interpret the above for me?
> Links scanned: 16364/16901 (+14)

16364 links were successfully validated out of 16901. 14 
additional files were downloaded in the background and will 
soon be validated by httrack.

> Files written: 16886

16886 files written on disk (some files might have been 
discarded after being downloaded)

> Files updated: 2808 (16%)

16% of files were updated, the rest was untouched (no data 
transfered again from the server)

> Errors:        3

3 errors encountered (404 errors are very common)
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Interpretation of Information Pane

03/04/2005 17:47
Re: Interpretation of Information Pane

03/05/2005 17:59


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