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Subject: Cookies
Author: Alex
Date: 03/07/2005 13:10
Hi, I'm trying to copy a site with form authentication. When
I start httrack, I always get a 302 (Moved) response to the
login page.
I did some research and realized that my browser always
sends a cookie with a PHPSESSID with every GET command.
Httack doesn't send any cookie even if I capture the login
page. So I created a cookie file (cookie.txt) in the project
folder including the PHPSESSID with the correct value.
Now, Httrack sends the cookie with the PHPSESSID variable
but It also adds 2 more variables: $Version and $Path and I
get again a 302 (Moved) response from the server.
I guess the server doesn't like these 2 variables together
with the PHPSESSID, because the browser sends it alone.
Is there a way to modify the cookie file so that httrack
sends only the variables that I want?
Thanks a lot.

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