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Subject: Following links in Flash sites
Author: Tom
Date: 11/16/2001 08:50
I've been a very happy user of HTTrack for a long time, 
my problem now is that I really need (it's pretty 
important!) to download and browse a site containing 
mostly Flash files.

I know HTTrack can not yet follow links in these files 
(as far as I know, no other program can do this). 
Flash files contain ordinary text strings for links so 
maybe HTTrack could do a string search (?) to find them 
and then modify them for offline browsing, or at the 
very least, follow the links.

Anyway, sorry to ask like this but I really need some 
kind of solution other than hand-saving every HTM and 
JPG file and editing the links inside the Flash files 
to point to the local (hard drive) copy. Any ideas?

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Following links in Flash sites

11/16/2001 08:50
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