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Subject: Offline reading of web discussion forums
Author: browe
Date: 03/12/2005 19:00
I've been using the product for a few weeks and am looking 
for some assistance.  Right now, the main reason why I 
want to use this product (or something similar) is for 
offline reading of several internet forums that I 
participate in while I'm on a plane or somewhere else.  I 
want to be able to:

1.  Initial download copy of entire forum.
2.  Scheduled updates of previously downloaded forum.
3.  Ignore any advertising on the pages.
4.  Since some of the discussion groups I participate in 
have pictures (flooring, cabinetry, etc), I would want to 
capture those.

An added plus would be to allow me to respond to a topic 
on one of these sites and then replicate that response up 
to the forum.

I'm doing much of this today but each time I download, I 
am get a new copy of the entire forum and it takes 
forever.  Is the product smart enough to only get updates 
(new or changed documents)?

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Offline reading of web discussion forums

03/12/2005 19:00
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