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Subject: Existing Files Corrupted (Precondition Failed)
Author: (mostly) satisfied user
Date: 03/15/2005 08:53

I have a large number of files (~500 MB) that I have already
downloaded (or I posted to the site so don't need to
download)  on my local hard drive.  I want to have HTTrack
keep these files and only download the files I do not have.
 I copy the files into the directory structure for HTTrack
and get two VERY strange things:

1. For most of the files (a few seem to download from the
server, which I also didn't want, but at least aren't
corrupted) I get the following error:
23:24:32	Warning: 	Unexpected 412/416 error (Precondition
Failed) for www.domain.xx/images/P10110.JPG

2. For the files that give the above error their size is 1
to 2 KB and does not contain valid data.

These things occur with picture files (*.jpg) as well as
video files (*.mpg).  Any help or suggestions would be
greatly appreciated.  I think HTTrack is a great program but
I don't want to have to re-download 500 MB worth of files
every time I want to update my local site.

I looked through the forum and found that there didn't seem
to be any answers to this issue (though one person did bring
it up before).

An (mostly) satisfied user.

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Existing Files Corrupted (Precondition Failed)

03/15/2005 08:53


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