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Subject: Re-downloading files
Author: Joe
Date: 03/18/2005 05:43

I have a number of files (videos and pictures) on my hard
drive that are being re-downloaded due to the time stamp
even though they have not changed (I uploaded the files to
the server and Frontpage changes the file time).  HTTrack
thinks each file has changed and therefore tries to download
it again.

Is there a way to force HTTrack to keep the existing .mpg,
.jpg, .mp3, .wav files even when the time of the file has
changed?  I tried excluding the files from the download but
then the mirror references the
<*.jpg> files rather than the local
ones I copy into the mirror.

Any help would be appreciated.  I don't want to have to
download >500 MB worth of files just to keep the mirror working.


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Re-downloading files

03/18/2005 05:43
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