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Subject: Filter on displayed text for hyperlink
Author: Gerald Wise
Date: 03/22/2005 00:19
I have a sight that I am trying to mirror, but want to 
select PDF files from the site based on the text in the 
hyperlink caption.  Is this possible?
For instance:

<a href=http://somesite/somedirectory/12345-
678.pdf">Documentation for Something (fr)</a>

The site I'm mirroring contains documentation in several 
languages.  The language is usually indicated in 
parenthesis within the hyperlink caption.  For instance 
(fr) for French, (it) for Italian, (es) for Spanish, etc.  
I would like to create a filter rule to exclude everything 
in a list of undesired languages.  In most instances, 
English is denoted by NO language identifier in 
parenthesis.  In the rare case when it is identified, (en) 
is used.


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03/22/2005 00:19
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