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Subject: Re: Thanks for the app
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 11/20/2001 20:00
> One suggestion tho. About the only thing I liked 
> superbot that httrack doesn't already do better is 
> that you can tell it to sleep between requests. How 
> about a bandwidth limiting feature that can tell 
> track to sleep for a specified ammount of time after 

There is a bandwidth limiter integrated: you can tell 
httrack to limit to, say, 1KB/s the download speed. 
(limiting per request is not efficient - you can 
download a 600-MB iso file using a T3 line..)
There is also a 'maximum number of connection' settings

These two parameters are generally sufficient 
(example: 1 connection + bandwidth limit at 5KB/s)
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11/20/2001 20:00
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