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Subject: httrack doesn't work for all parts of a site
Author: neus
Date: 03/30/2005 04:43
Here's what I've in mind:
There's a game site that went exceeded it's bandwidth limit
because too many people visited it.
So i thought I'd download the page, and update it as the
info updates - this is just game info and such.
So I download the site, but some parts of it don't work -
specifically this:
<> <- main site
<-- saves this

Now, go to that last link. Now, on the top right, there's a
drop down bar, where you can select different types of items
to look. The first page happens to be for bows. There's
other armor and equipment, but none of that is saved with
httrack - only the first page on bows.

So, if you've any idea how to fix this - plz shout :D

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httrack doesn't work for all parts of a site

03/30/2005 04:43


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