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Subject: few documents for developers
Author: Parker Huang
Date: 04/01/2005 04:07
Hi, Xavier Roche
  Great to see you.
  I am a developer using HTTrack now. I found most 
questions were focused on the usage of HTTrack. 
  I have read this opensource project for weeks. But feel 
depressed to find few documents for developers, such as UML 
diagrams or sequence diagram, etc.
  I searched in the forum, and found the same problem as 
  Can you upload some docs for developers? or docs about 
modules' function or diagram are appreciated.
  Thanks for your kindness in advance.
Best regards,
Parker Huang

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few documents for developers

04/01/2005 04:07
Re: few documents for developers

04/03/2005 10:17


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