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Subject: Re: Batch-Job based on .whtt?
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/03/2005 10:25
> I plan to use HTTrack to mirror some websites to read them
> offline on my PDA. 
> With WinHTTrack I created fine working .whtt project files
> for my desired sites. Now I would prefer to let all 
> run as a kind of batch job.
> How I have to proceed to use my .whtt resp. doit.log files
> for my requirment? Is is possible?
No, this isn't directly with .whtt files - the only 
solution is to use the 'httrack.exe' commandline tool, 
using the commandline given in hts-cache/doit.log

Or, simpler, mirror the site first with winhttrack, and 
then use 'httrack --update' (without any other options) in 
the same project directory to updates - the engine will 
reuse existing options.

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