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Subject: username:password@website -> works and doesn't
Author: Alexsha
Date: 04/03/2005 23:34
On the initial login page for a website I can use the
username:password@website format to get HTTrack into the
site. It moves along though the pages which are like this:

Some of the sections link to zip files containing that
section and these are what I want to mirror. The problem is
this: On index.php?page=1234 there's a link to
zip.php?zip=1234 and HTTrack seems to get this page just
fine. What happens is the zip is actually stored at
and  HTTrack mirrors this link as
which doesn't work. But when you go to
it asks for the username and password as normal.

Any ideas?

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username:password@website -> works and doesn't

04/03/2005 23:34
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