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Subject: New features suggestions
Author: Michael
Date: 04/05/2005 07:08
1. During download of some sites, we encounter several
errors, such as "not found". Can WinHTTrack have an option
to only attempt to download those pages in a fresh session?In other words, it
should not try to check whether the other
successfully downloaded pages are updated subsequently; or
try to rebuild the entire site again.

2. Sometimes, in a LAN, access to Internet is divided by
allotting different time slots to different
departments/people. If the user forgets to pause WinHTtrack,
he gets a lot of errors, and then he has to rebuild the
entire site again.

Secondly, we might prefer to use WinHTtrack in certain
timeslots only, because at other time the network is busy
with pre-scheduled bandwidth-consuming tasks.

To take care of such situations, can we have a facility
where the download can start and stop automatically at the
user-defined times? 

Allow the user to define several pairs of start and stop
times. For example, if the user sets the following:

start     stop
10:00     12:00
16:00     18:00
20:00     00:00

Then the WinHttrack will operate only between these timings,
and pause during the rest of the day. 

3. Can we change the options and save them as default? I
want to set up WinHttrack such that it reuses these settings
for ubsequent downloads. (For example, I prefer to set the
Footer to "none". Currently, for each download, I have to
set this separately. This is a major anoyance.) 

Probably the Preferences menu can do it, but I am unable to
understand it: even the help file does not explain how to
use this menu.

4. The help file should explain all the menus.

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