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Subject: Lost capture-when does WinHTTrack delete capture?
Author: David Lawrie
Date: 04/06/2005 00:06
Hi, Every so often while capturing a big site or section thereof, I find the
site I've partially captured is deleted and the capture has restarted. I'm not
sure of the pattern that leads to this.

This is hard when I'm up to 100Mb, say.

It has happened when I've stopped a capture (because of time) then resumed
later by double clicking on the whtt file. It seems to happen if I add to the
scan rules before continuing- say I want to add a section of the site.

I tried this sequence:
1. Start a scan- cancel it (allow links in progress to be completed)
Restart - by d-click on the whtt file, continue interrupted - OK.

2. d-click on the whtt file, add a scan option (links containing....);
continue interrupted. OK

3. d-click on the whtt file, but change to update an existing download (here,
an interrupted one).
The capture restarts from the beginning.

Question: under what circumstances will winhttrack delete an existing capture
which you intend to resume or update?
David Lawrie


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Lost capture-when does WinHTTrack delete capture?

04/06/2005 00:06


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