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Subject: CGI Link
Author: Larry
Date: 11/21/2001 00:07
Very often I'm unable to download pages pointed by CGI 
links because they are just "ignored" by HTTrack 
parser. For example:


In this page there is a CGI link with text "Download 
entire photo collection" which is totally ignored by 
HTTrack, even with +* rule. Why?
(note that you have to be registered to actually 
access the CGI link. This doesn't seem a problem: if I 
specify the CGI link directly as the starting point of 
the project, HTTrack downloads it without problems by 
passing the appropriate cookie)

P.S. My purpose is to download every .exe file 
associated to a Webshot gallery. So I set the starting 
point to:


And the filtering rules to:

-* +*.html +*.exe* +*/scripts/*

If those CGI link were parsed correctly, I think this 
should be correct. Unfortunately, they weren't.

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11/21/2001 00:07
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