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Subject: Feth the only URLs (no downloading)?
Author: Murdock
Date: 04/08/2005 15:57
Hi, very nice program!
I readed the help of the program (with some problems because
my english is very bad) but I didn't find how to use it for
my proupose, so, this is my question:
It is possible to use HTTrack to fetch ONLY the URLS (whith
the arguments if are php pages) of a web recursivly and save
all in a file?
Example: I run "httrack" and only generates a
file (without downloading the pages), the file will contain: 


It is possible?

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Feth the only URLs (no downloading)?

04/08/2005 15:57
Re: Feth the only URLs (no downloading)?

04/09/2005 16:26


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