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Subject: Re: How to configure HTTrack for dynamic ASP pages.
Author: GC
Date: 04/09/2005 17:19
Xavier, Thanks for replying. I tested out the Build 
Options with %r/%h%p/%n%[id:-:::].%t and it improved the 
result but there are still some mistakes in the finished 
saved static filename. The saved file now is 
named "article-realty-times-0958.html" which is an 
improvement. But is there a Build code to save the static 
file from the ASP page without the "article-" and with the 
original "Shtml" ending so it will be saved as "realty-
times-0958.shtml" from the original ASP page of "/asp-
rel/article.asp?id=realty-times-0958.shtml" (domain name 
is at beginning of the URL). 

I'm not clear on your answer to the other question about 
changing URLs weekly. Are you saying it's possible the 
saved file name URLs may change or may NOT change if I 
mirror/download the same site pages weekly or monthly to 
account for new ASP pages and changes to existing ASP 
pages on the site. The search engines are smart and they 
will find the new URLs through the links. But the problem 
is that for some search engines, like Google, I will lose 
all the PageRank on those pages if the URL changes even if 
the content on the page is the same since Google will see 
a new URL and think it's a different page. Is there any 
way to configure HTTrack to always save the pages with the 
same filenames and URLs? I think the Build Code you gave 
me above will fix that problem but I'm just checking to 
make sure.

The Ad Javascript is for Google AdSense and some other 
Java I have for JPG photos. The JPG photos may just need 
an absolute URL since now they are showing up blank since 
the domain name and absolute URL are missing when saved as 
static pages on my local machine with HTTrack. How can I 
correct this?
Also, if you need to look at this project in more detail 
to answer my questions, then I could pay you a tech 
support fee to configure my HTTrack settings so I get 
everything correct for my site needs. Let me know. Thanks!!

> > 2. How to adjust HTTrack so the saved static pages are 
> > named similar to the original ASP page URL. For 
> > one ASP page has the domain address with the following 
> > added to the URL "/asp-rel/article.asp?id=realty-times-
> > 0958.shtml". I would like to know how to configure 
> HTTrack 
> > to save the static page with the filename of "realty-
> times-
> > 0958.shtml" and not add the random numbers at the end 
> > use the html file extension.
> See 'Set Options' / 'Build Structure' / 'User-Defined 
> Structure'
> with something like:
> %r/%h%p/%n%[id:-:::].%t
> > 3. Does HTTrack keep the same file names and the link 
> > URL's the same if you mirror the same site often?  I 
> > to update my ASP pages weekly with new content and 
> changes 
> Yes, is possible - except if there are duplicate files 
> (index.html and INDEX.HTML, for example) created 
> > But if I mirror the same pages weekly, do the URL's 
> links 
> > change? This would be a problem for search engine 
> indexing 
> I don't think it would be a problem (search engines are 
> smart :p)
> > 4. How to configure HTTrack to not corrupt/change any 
> > JavaScript for the Ads or other features on my ASP 
> > when it creates the static pages?> 
> Humm, javascript shouldn't be corrupted (but there might 
> some bugs remaining)

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