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Subject: asp routine to geerate automatic pages urls?
Author: luca
Date: 04/12/2005 09:28

I ave already used the program with .html webpages and it 
worked fine. 
So thanks for this free program.

Now I have to get some pages asp. This is the problem am 
having now.

the esactly url:


At the end i have (ID=1)

how to automatize changing the ID value from a range of 
the link alwais same it is. I will need only change one by 
one the ID value in sequential order and get the text file 
it is in the pages.

example I would (ID= from 500 to 3750) so it start from 500 
to 3750 stop routine)

I think this possible should be. But i dont know how and 
were to put the counter and how to swap ID=X (X=500 for X 
to 3750 X=X+1 next) 

If someone can help please tell me how to do, clearly as 
more possible you can, because, im not familiar with this.

Anyway im shure that possible is. I really have tousands 
pages to look that almost impossible will be manually.

I need to get these pages not for commercial purpose.

Any clear answer is welcome.

really need help thanks.


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asp routine to geerate automatic pages urls?

04/12/2005 09:28


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