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Subject: Re: see error log
Author: dawcha
Date: 04/13/2005 17:06
> [ Please reply in the existing thread, instead of 
> a new one each time, thanks! ]
> > 15:39:46 Error:  "Unable to get server's address" (-5) 
> > after 2 retries at link (from 
> > primary/primary)
> This is not related to the "flash" mode, but rather a 
> of proxy (see 'Set Options'/'Proxy') or connection 

Thanks Xavier for pointing out that I need to look into the 
options for the proxy settings. I'm not really familiar 
with those things - are the proxy settings I need for:

1) the site I'm trying to mirror
2) the server that hosts the website
3) or the server through which I am connecting to the 
internet ie. the county council servers as I'm accessing 
the internet from a public library.

I hope you can pardon my lack of experience in those things 
but I am interested in downloading sites so I can do my 
research on my home computer. So I would appreciate if you 
could explain a little on proxy settings and where do I get 
them from. Thank you for your time and this great program.

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