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Subject: Yahoo Newsgroups
Author: Michael Storch
Date: 04/14/2005 16:47
I am a member of a model shipbuilding newsgroup on Yahoo 
newsgroups.  This is a support site for a teaching 
practicum on building an 18th century Sloop [I have admin 
privileges for the site].  We are looking for a way to 
archive the newsgroup site for future use as resource 
guide.  I have tried to use HT Track website copier to 
accomplish this task, but have been unsuccessful in my 
attempts.  What I get is a static index page.  The only 
parts that have active links are the ads. These are the 
categories I am most interested in: Messages, Chat, Files, 
Photos, and Members.  What I don’t want is info related to 
the ads.  My hope is that there is a way to archive the 
site.  Any help would be most appreciated.

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04/14/2005 16:47
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