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Subject: Re: Is this possible?
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/23/2005 11:58
> I'm running a dynamic website with a custom search engine 
> and dynamically loaded videos (by script files) in it. Is 
> it possible to make an offline copy of this website using 
> httrack? 

Well, parts of it, sure.

> And would it be possible to: 
> - remove all references to the search engine (it is 
> on every page in a fixed menu entry) 

Not using httrack - you'l have to post-process pages using 
some basic bash-style scripting

> - transform the movies into real video files? So urls 
> <> should 

Err, not if the videos are streamed. In the countrary, just 
add the following scan rule:*

You may have to use also something like:
--assume videoscript=application/x-mpg

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