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Subject: Coppermine Picture downloads
Author: Dan Atkinson
Date: 04/24/2005 01:09
Hi there.

I'm an admin of a forum which uses the Coppermine gallery system. I'm going
away in a few days for a few weeks and I'd like to take an 'image' of the
gallery with me. I would like to get all of the images from the website (not
necessarily the pages) to browse through while I'm gone.

Is there any way to download the galleries without having to get the thumb_
and normal_ files which are downloaded with every single website downloader I
I noticed that someone else asked this question and a reply was given that
they were able to download the files ok. Where these the actual files or where
they merely the normal_ and thumb_ images? If not then could you please tell
me what setting I'd need to get them?
Thanks in advance.

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