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Subject: Re: File not parsed
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/24/2005 14:50
> I tried downloading a site today and got many errors when
> winhttrack tried to get some specific files. The urls for
> these files are like */show.php?img_id=145856* and in the
> error like it lists this error;
> "Warning:  File not parsed, looks like binary:"
> These links are images but they get downloaded as html
> and even when I try to rename the extensions to at least
> have the images to view separately they will not work. 

In the next release, you'll just have to use 'extended' MIME types to force
the type:
Set Options / MIME Types:
show.php <-> image/gif

--assume show.php=image/gif
with the commandline

> this is a problem that can be fixed with an option or the
> newer 3.34 release?
In the next alpha version (-alpha-2), it will :p

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