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Subject: Can't keep HTTrack focused
Author: Michael Dougherty
Date: 03/11/2001 17:38
First, to the authors: well done, and thank you.  I 
have been using wget for some time, and find HTTrack 
much easier to deal with.

The issue: I would like to keep HTTrack from ascending 
above the directory I start it on the web site - even 
to scan for links.  The default option is to only go 
down, and I haven't changed that, but it doesn't seem 
to be working as I expect it.  For example, if I 
started it out on, and 
that's all I wanted, (I'm using* as a filter), I would see 
as it progresses that it would make its way through 
all the html files in /cards/red, /cars/blue, /boats, 
blah blah blah.  How can I tell it not even to search 
anything higher than /cars/white?

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03/11/2001 17:38
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