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Subject: Re: httrack images not grabbed
Author: Blimp
Date: 04/27/2005 13:39
I have the same problem trying to make a mirror from <a
href= Mapping

The src in some image tags specifies php files which generate a dynamic jpg
based on some data like that one
&lt;img name="karte"
border="0" usemap="#karteninfos"   onmousemove="ShowLoc()" onmouseout="return

Even if I go to the options and erase any setting between php suffix and
text/html MIME type it doesn't work. Still the jpg files returned by the php
script are saves as *.html and it seems they are saved in a wrong way. I did a
binary compare on the so downloaded files and the original ones. The
difference is, that all 00hex in the jpg are saves as 20hex.

Any ideas to get a full mirror including the dynamic jpgs?
btw: I'm using the 3.34 alpha
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