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Subject: Re: Geocities Horror
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/30/2005 19:22
> i want to download a geocities page and before you ask, i
> removed the +jpg etc line from the filters so only the
> files in the corresponig dir should be downloaded. But
> every 1MB the download stops and i have to stop httrack,
> disconnect, reconnect and then start again. Then the
> limit of the site is reached and i end up receiving
> either 'limit reached html's'

Darn.. if the limit is reached because of you, just setup a very slow
bandwidth limit (such as 1KB/s, with only one active connection to the site) -
this will take some time (maybe the entire night), but you should be able to
download it

If the limit is reached "time to time", AND if the site sends error pages
instead of images, you should probably be able to "Continue an interrupted
mirror" without re-downloading too much data with httrack.

But if the site is sending "regular" html files instead of the real content
when the limit is (regularly) reached.. then you're screwed!
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