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Subject: Downloading only Certain Pages
Author: chris
Date: 05/01/2005 05:05
Ok I've been using Teleport and it does pretty much what I need done.  But
since I already have winhttrack I thought I'd ask to see if the same thing can
be done with it.
I have a directory on my website <> that contain
about 40 html files that are actually email msg from outlook converted to
html.  There are links to pdfs, they use asp to get to these pdfs.  
What I need is just the pdf's downloaded from the links in the above directory
and nothing else.  Meaning I don't want it to download the entire website.  
How can this be done.  In teleport its fairly simple, I just say no more than
0 links away from the starting page but am not sure what setting this wouldl
be with winnttrack.

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Downloading only Certain Pages

05/01/2005 05:05
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