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Subject: Mirroring problems
Author: Joao Luzio
Date: 05/03/2005 20:48
  I've noticed a couple of things that you should be aware, that is if you
aren't already.

1 - A mirror process that uses generation of external pages and uses limit
options that are not depth/filters (for example maximum size or maximum links
- at least) results in some of the links to the URLs that weren't grabbed to
be relative instead of external.html?link=<external-link>. It seems somehow
that reaching the limit all the process of finishing up properly is not done.
I've tested this on 3.3.2 and 3.3.3, getting sometimes lots of "404" pages.

2 - Seeing that i was going to have to fix the "404" i used the --testsite
option, but it seems that only links are followed. A missing image is not
catched by this test.

Is there a change for a fix for these two problems?
Thanks in advance,
  Joao Luzio

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05/03/2005 20:48
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