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Subject: Using Python wrappers on windows
Author: Duncan Booth
Date: 05/05/2005 11:54
I wanted to try using the wrapper api to plug in some Python functions on
Windows, but I have a couple of problems:

None of the pre-built Windows packages seem to include .lib files for linking
to the DLL, and I haven't yet managed to rebuild from source to create my
Could the libhttrack.lib be added to the distribution please?
The command line client httrack.exe in the 3.34-alpha build has been built to
use the debug version of the runtime libraries MSVCR71D.dll, but everything
else is built for the non-debug libraries. I don't have the debug libraries
installed so I can't run the 3.34 httrack.exe.

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Using Python wrappers on windows

05/05/2005 11:54
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