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Subject: Re: Disconnect after download?
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 11/29/2001 09:13
> I use Task Scheduler for NT running five command 
> files on daily basis with interval of 30 minutes, 
> three of them won't close after the download (I can 
> see them running in Task Manager), this caused 100% 
> usage of CPU, low of virtual memory, Dr. Watson 
> warning, etc.  Is there a way that I can make 
> to be automatically disconnected after the download 
> the command line?  Thanks.

Well, my english is not so good, I did not understand 
very well what you are trying to do:

Automatically detect when the dialup connection is 
being closed? You can use a low timeout and a host-
control parameter, say -T10H3 (timeout of 10 second, 
and abandon host if a timeout occurs)

..or to limit the download time to 30 minutes? (this 
can be done using the corresponding option, -E1800)

..or to automatically disconnect the line when 
finishing (not yet possible, except using commandline 
batch, after httrack)
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