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Subject: damaged cache files
Author: richard
Date: 05/09/2005 17:20

I'am using httrack for gathering files for a search engine, but for some of
the process I encouter a Warning: 	Cache: damaged cache, trying to repair

I encounter this problem in more then one Httrack job. (I'am running multiple

Some of the zip files within the cache directory are very large (more then 400

I've scheduled the jobs within the cron (on solaris 8) and they run each day
(although sometimes the job takes more then 24 hours).

I don't if this problem is caused by the fact that the job is starting up
after 24 hours and it still busy (I don't think because httrack generates a
lock file. 

The command parameters for httrack are:
-%S /data/prod/httrack/config/spider_5/permissions.cfg -%L
/data/prod/httrack/config/spider_5/startlist.cfg -O
/data/prod/httrack/websites/spider_5/,/data/prod/httrack/cache/spider_5 -F
"XXX spider, see" -o0 -C2 -s2 -c2 -K -I0 -#L1000000

It seems that the zip file is corrupt and that Httrack is trying to repair the
zip file.

My questions:
- how can I prevent that the cache file will be corrupt?- Is there a limmit on
the number of documents or the size of the zip-file?- What is better for the
performance of httrack: more and  smaller caches or less and larger cache

thans in advance for any respond.


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