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Subject: Form Post and Javascript
Author: Shannon
Date: 05/13/2005 07:00
Hi Xavier,

Thanks for this greate program. I have been testing Teleport and HTTrack for a
while, also wrote my own downloaders, found that HTTrack is among the best...

However, some issues still not solved in HTTrack (or any other crawlers I
know), I don't know how google does this!

The problem is, how can the crawler follow <form method=post> and some
javascript tricks? For example: on a web site (such as a forum or bbs), it
lists lots of items, and there is a link called "next page" on it. This link
does NOT use things like "list.php?page=2" etc, instead, it calls a javascript
to set a hidden var, then post the form to direct to the next page.

How can HTTrack solve this? As far as I know, it is very hard. I am thinking
of using IE's DOM capability to control it to download such pages (refer to
<>). What do you think?

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