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Subject: store/load filter settings
Author: Alexx
Date: 05/13/2005 22:20

I'm regularly surfing on to board using HTTrack to store some interesting
sites/threads for reading them offline on my notebook. For downloading I've
figured out some working filter settings in order to keep the volume small.
Now every time I create a new (Tread-)project for saving a thread from the
board I have to manually copy and paste my filter settings from a stored *.txt
filtersettings-file. I also have to re-set the link depth and the filetype
settings (zip) again and again for every new download from that board.

So I kindly ask if there is a way to save the filter/dl-settings within
HTTrack (as a profile maybe?) for quick&easy access?
BTW: Thank you for developing HTTrack. It's a great software and I love using

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store/load filter settings

05/13/2005 22:20
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