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Subject: files that are the same are skipped?
Author: Rodolfo Giovanninetti
Date: 05/18/2005 23:19
Today I have installed 3.34 alpha 8 and have started the download of the site I had to stop this job and resume it later a few times. I
believe to understand that it is not possible to check dates of html files,
that always appear newer than those that I have already downloaded, and so
these pages are downloaded each time. But, I would like to know what happens
to other files, such as .zip files. Are they downloaded each time or if they
are the same they are skipped? With which date and time they are saved? I ask
this because I use getright and it tries to keep the date and the time with
which files are stored on the web sites.

Thank You very much

Rodolfo Giovanninetti

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files that are the same are skipped?

05/18/2005 23:19
Re: files that are the same are skipped?

05/28/2005 16:03


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