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Subject: https behind firewall problem
Author: Poutnik
Date: 05/19/2005 11:54
I have a problem with an access to https site.
It is public area, but with some public certificates check.
(its root authority is, both org and root cert. are installed (Win
XP SP1).
I have set httrack to file download by filelist ( example files mentioned
below )
Proxy set to same settings as IE, i.e., port 3128
WinHTTrack never transfer any byte, with errors not be able to connect to the

If I tried other **http** only file download, it worked well.

On PC at home ( direct conn, OR through Avast AV local proxy
HTTrack works.

PC is behind "black box" Linux internet gate/firewall PC, action as proxy
for all protocols.Other browsers ( e.g. IE frontends MyIE2, Maxthon ) can
access the site,
i.e. it does not seem to be FWrule limited e.g. to IE.

It seems either HTTrack has some troubles with certificates checking,
or it is firewalled. But why Httrack and not Maxthon ?I think FW probably do
not know either of them.


In case of need, I can post both org and root public certificates,
keep them handy on USB stick.


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