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Subject: Exit codes
Author: Joao Luzio
Date: 05/20/2005 17:15
I was having some trouble with httrack, due to updating a mirror that was
interrupted.. the hard way. Sometimes i think the mirroring is frozen, but in
retrospective i guess i don't wait long enough for it to clean up properly.
Correct me if I am wrong. (Btw, should the clean up take to long for huge
sites? like +200mb?)

So.. is there a good way to continue the mirror? (--continue does the work or
its better to redo all?.. since i get "cache damaged: repairing" - which
sometimes does not work).

And also, I was trying to do a workaround it by checking the exit code, since
it returns 139.. I was trying to get the list of them in the code but i wasnt
In short, the exit code is zero if ok, non-zero otherwise, right?
Thanks in advance,
  João Luzio

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Exit codes

05/20/2005 17:15
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