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Subject: Download quicktime .mov file
Author: Jimmy
Date: 05/26/2005 20:12

I found httrack to be a wonderful tool to use, but I came across a movie file
that I could not download. I set to the option to download all the movie
formats like mpg, mov, asf etc.

I looked up the source code in the website that I was trying to download and
the line where the moie is located is seen as follows

<embed src="../images/"
QTSRC=rtsp:// width="624" height="432"

I am trying to download so that I can play it offline. I
tried to directly download it but I was not able to.

The actual website is 


It's a dissection video so those who have weak stomach shold cover their

Thanks in advance.


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Download quicktime .mov file

05/26/2005 20:12
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05/29/2005 15:54


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