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Subject: Re: -near option
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 12/02/2001 09:41
> Just to add to the above, I get this message in the 
> log files:
> file from too far level ignored...
> I think the problem might be in logic in htswizard.c

Hummm.. did you use the 'Maximum mirror depth' option? 
(option r)

This message is displayed when the given depth has 
been reached, and therefore the engine is not 
authorized to crawl deeper. Increase - or disable - 
this option, it'll work!

(quoted from the sources:)
    if (liens[ptr]->depth <= 1) {
      forbidden_url=1;    // interdire récupération du 
      if ((opt->debug>1) && (opt->log!=NULL)) {
        fspc(opt->log,"debug"); fprintf(opt->log,"file 
from too far level ignored at %s : %s"LF,adr,fil);

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