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Subject: Re: It works for windows, it doesn't work for Linux
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 05/29/2005 16:09
> If I execute the same command line on my linux box, it
> only downloads the index.html file but it doesn't follow
> the links embedded on the flash content.
> Do I need to install something to make it work on Linux.

Yes, the httrack flash plugin. Because of a stupid license, I can neither
distribute the macromedia's sources, nor the binaries to many locations
(including debian mirrors, as the license is non-free, even for binaries)

Debian binaries:

If you want to compile the plugin, do the following:

- download, compile and install httrack
- download

Download the flash SDK (and accept the terms of the license) at:

Then, copy the three files from this sdk into the swf/ directory:

Two of these files have to be modified using the patch (swf2html.patch) given
in this directory.

Apply the patch 'swf2html.patch' using:
patch -p0 < swf2html.patch

Then build the module:

and copy it in the /usr/lib directory, and reprobe modules:
cp /usr/lib

Yes, this is a real pain to do, but I requested a license change, without any
reply from Macromedia..
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