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Subject: cache format question
Author: Juan Fco Rodriguez
Date: 05/31/2005 13:49

I've read the "cache format specification" link on the HTTrack web site but I
dont understand it.

For example, after downloading a small site, I only got
these files in "hts-cache":

(also old.txt,old.lst, and a readme.txt file)

I can execute "unzip -l", but I only see a list of
files....I dont see the rest of the info described in the document. Quoting
from the web:

The cache is made of ZIP files entries ; with one ZIP file entry per fetched
URL. For each entry:

    * The ZIP file name is the original URL
    * The ZIP file contents, if available, is the original (compressed, using
the deflate algorythm) data
    * The ZIP file extra field (in the local file header) contains a list of
meta-fields, very similar to the HTTP headers fields. See also RFC.

Where are all those files and the metadata ? How can I 
see it ?

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05/31/2005 13:49
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